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A Track Record of Success in Shipping Discreetlly to the East Coast

Our snapchat offers;

Shipping Processes

On snapchat, we update our viewers when our team goes to the USPS office to get your pack registered & always send a picture of your respective USPS receipt with a tracking #

Happy Clients

Following us on Snapchat enables you to see tags from happy clients who receive packs successfully & on time

Growing tips

Are you interested in growing your own plants? Here's a place to be. Stay tuned to our live Snapchat feed daily.

Packaging Techniques

Following us on Snapchat, be rest assured to see rare videos of team preparing your order. We also send live videos to clients who place an order to see their packages get prepared.

Greenhouse Care

We also ensure you get a full package. You get a first time complete view of our greenhouses , ventilators etc

iOS Appstore

Our services will soon be available on iOS App Store but orders will be processed only on our website.

About the Farm

GreezlyFarms Logo 3With indoor & green houses throughout Humboldt county & Chico, you are about to get the best of Cali’s Grade AAA.

We do ship to ALL States & got a couple other locations covered. 

We try our best to ensure our operations are discreet & clients are covered, hence we prefer communication via platforms with end-to-end encryption.

Its way easy and direct: Just leave a direct or WhatsApp message with your order quantity and strain choice(s). 

Our team will get back to you with an invoice and directions on how to go about. Once ready and payment is confirmed, you get your USPS tracking number in a couple hours.

how to place an order

High quality weed with tested thc content

Flowers from our indoor or greenhouses are well tested.

THC & CBD content are precise with hybrid strains being crossed by our team of experts. 

Our greenhouses posses the right conditions to yield quality & functionality, while our indoor farms are well monitored and the use of Plant Growth Regulators (PGR) is limited.

overnight & reliable delivery at a couple extra bucks

Once our clients place an order, we ensure you receive a USPS tracking number in a couple hours post that. 

BEWARE of impersonators, using fake shipping & Logistics companies to generate false tracking numbers. 

We ship out all our packs using USPS only. Packs are delivered to your precise location [you provide] & on time.

Our team will let you know the extra costs you’re going to incur for an overnight shipment which is solely dependent on your location.

24/7 customer support with money-back guarantee

Our team is available at all times on the various platforms provided. 

If you have specific questions which need clarification, leave a direct message on snapchat, tel provided else WhatsApp. 

We have all security measures in place and could give you a run down. If our disguised packs don’t get delivered or are intercepted [which is rare] you are entitled to a refund or reship to ANOTHER LOCATION.

Price list on flower

Indoor buds
$ 1480 1 pound/ 455 grams
  • $780 half lb
  • $450 quarter lb

Contact Us

1676 Myrtle Avenue, Eureka, CA 95501, United States

(530) ....

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