Lamb’s Bread


Likewise called “lambs Breath,” Lamb’s Bread is a splendid green and clingy sativa strain. The impacts have been known to give mass measures of vitality and positive reflection. Stress dies down rapidly from the Lamb’s Bread buzz, which can help ease melancholy.

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The starting points of this plant originates from Jamaica and it has been accounted for that even Bob Marley himself has experienced this magnificent cut of cannabis parentage.
This strain is likewise more broadly known as Lamb’s Breath, however whatever you call it the evident truth is that this strain is both strong in THC and CBD, with over 1% of the last mentioned and somewhere in the range of 16% and 21% of the previous.
This well known bud is gooey and green in smell and has sharp hints of cheddar and hash on the tongue. The nugs are huge and brilliant green with red hairs and crystalline trichomes.
Sheep’s Bread, Lamb’s Breath, Lambsbread – whatever the name the high is the equivalent, with a surge of elevating vitality that hits you hard in the head and giving you a state of mind support that is unrivaled.

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