Lodi Dodi


Lodi Dodi is a sativa-predominant cross breed famous in Washington State. Only reproduced by The Clone Zone, the hereditary legacy of Lodi Dodi is indistinct and firmly protected. Lodi Dodi conveys a sweet, one of a kind of tropical foods grown from the ground wildflowers. The sharp smell drives the route towards a cerebral buzz, known to start imagination and an increase in vitality that will transform any assignment into an increasingly charming experience.

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Lodi Dodi is a baffling, sativa-prevailing crossover with an interestingly sweet flavor and even, remedial high. It is the formation of Smokey Point Productions, a gathering of Washington state-based raisers who flexibly region dispensaries with strains like Dirty Girl. Despite the fact that Lodi Dodi’s hereditary qualities are kept restrictive by Smokey Point, it is known to grant an inventive, insightful high. This current strain’s name might be a reference to the 1993 Snoop Dogg single Lodi Dodi (which itself may allude to the Central Californian city of Lodi). Cannabis testing lab Analytical 360 has estimated Lodi Dodi’s power at among 13% and an amazing 28% THC.

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