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White Fire OG (some of the time called Wifi OG) is an Indica-prevailing (60/40 Indica) half and half strain of cannabis. Its THC level routinely comes to up to 25 percent while its CBD content is very low – by and large around 0.5 percent.White precious stones cover the plant like snow on its barrel-molded, tight buds. The smell is diesel fuel and natural. Some have recognized pepper and lemon in the taste while others have said it’s all the more sweet, musky, and oaky.

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Despite the fact that it inclines towards the Indica side, Wifi OG has cerebral impacts, offering vitality and core interest. The strong profile additionally implies that individuals can utilize it in the first part of the day and noontime and not get excessively tired. For recreational clients, this herb might be fit to innovative and social exercises.

On account of the high THC and the low CBD, Wifi OG isn’t appropriate for clinical patients with genuine clutters like epilepsy. Rather, individuals with misery, nervousness, hunger misfortune, and torment find that it suits their requirements. Some may discover the smoke somewhat unforgiving on the admission, which may not be reasonable for individuals attempting to abstain from hacking because of agony or lung aggravation.

The principal surge is solid and elevating and individuals have detailed 3-hour highs with this specific strain of weed. Some have referenced a limited inclination in the face and eyes that is warm and charming.

The home producer will discover various phenotypes of Wifi OG available which remain consistent with the strain’s profile in different degrees. For instance, you may discover plants with customary barrel-molded nugs – remaining consistent with its unique hereditary qualities – or an increasingly cone shaped shape, which late raisers have started developing. The fragrance and taste may shift marginally also and is constantly being enhanced. It was this kind of hereditary variety in cannabis that has prodded celeberties like Wiz Khalifa to build up their own image of Kush – see Khalifa Kush.

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